Cornwall's Choclate Cove

Like most people (if not everyone) I know, I LOVE chocolate.

I was put in touch by MEOR Design with Judy at who owns and runs Cornwall's Chocolate Cove - a vegan friendly, gluten free, RAW chocolate producer here in Cornwall.

Photographing was easy - Judy brings in her chocolate, that already looks amazing, then adds all the raw ingredients around it ready to be snapped. This really does bring the chocolate to life in the photos and you know exactly what you are going to eat.

At the time I didn’t know too much about 'healthy' chocolate but working for a day and half with Judy I was excited by her enthusiasm and passion about chocolate being accessible to everyone. She does some amazing flavours and I cant recommend  the energy balls highly enough. I am addicted!

Luckily she sells direct from her website and locally to me at Trevaskis Farm.